Can I connect Loupedeck CT to my computer using Bluetooth?

This article contains updates on Bluetooth feature for Loupedeck CT.

We are aware many of you are eagerly awaiting an update concerning the Bluetooth functionality for Loupedeck CT. Unfortunately, after extensive testing, it has become apparent that at this point in time, guaranteeing the product-level quality and seamless interoperability we want to provide with a full feature release will require resources that we want to channel to other priorities we have at the moment. 

Therefore, we have decided to release Bluetooth functionality for Loupedeck CT as an experimental beta feature for Windows. Please keep in mind that the Loupedeck CT will require an external power source to operate when not connected to a PC.

Instructions for use

1. Update your Loupedeck software to 5.1. or later

2. Run the software and press CTRL+Shift+Right Click on Loupedeck Icon on the windows system tray.

3. Enable Bluetooth. You should now be able to see the device in the Windows BT-devices.

4. Pair the device through the same windows system tray menu. Note, that this process might take multiple minutes. The home button should light up first when a connection has been established. It might take a bit longer for the rest of the device to follow.

As this feature is experimental, it can be slow and sluggish to respond.


Our focus now is to improve the user experience in the Loupedeck Software through better UI, more customization options, and overall stability improvements. 

We are sorry to share this news as we know this is not what some of you had hoped for. We hope you understand our reasoning to focus our efforts on the pressing issues at hand.