Importer un profil (à partir d'un fichier)

How to import a Profile in software versions 5.0 and 4.3

In Loupedeck software you can import your profiles one-by-one.

Profile system allows the profile to work in both Windows and macOS if the shortcuts, actions and adjustments can be found identically from both OS versions (Keyboard modifiers are changed as following: Alt -> Opt, and Control -> Command).

Remarque : After importing the profile some custom actions may not work if your target application's shortcut list is altered or otherwise is not similar as the one used when the profile was created.


Import Profile in software version 5.0

In the latest software version you can find the profile import function at the bottom of the profile drop down menu (see picture below; Import profile function is lined with orange color).

Pressing Import Profile will open a folder management window, where you can choose the profile you wish to import. The system should automatically recognize the software it is used with.

Import profile (from a file) in software version 4.3

To import a profile you need to open Loupedeck settings (bottom left corner). Click on the wheel icon and settings window will open.

From the settings window, click on "Profile" to gain access for importing and exporting profiles. These are shown on the right side of the settings window.


Click "Import" for importing a profile (from a file).


After clickin "Import" an OS folder management window appears.

  • Open the location of your profile files.
  • Select the desired file by clicking
  • Press "Import" button located at the bottom of the folder management window.

Loupedeck profiles can be one of three formats:

  • .LP4 (Loupedeck v.4 - current profile format)
  • .LUP (Loupedeck v.3 format)
  • .ZIP (Older Loupedeck profile format)

Remarque : If the profile is a .ZIP file, do not extract it - import the file as it is!