MacOS: Setting up Loupedeck LIVE, LIVE S and Loupedeck CT with Capture One

Tutorial for setting up Capture One 21 (or older versions) for MacOS.

Download Loupedeck Software: Click here (opens a new tab to the download page).

MacOS & Capture One 21 (or most recent)

  1. Verify Loupedeck permissions in macOS: Instructions here (opens in a new window).
  2. Launch Capture One
  3. Open Edit menu
  4. Select 'Edit Keyboard Shortcuts'
  5. At the top: open the 'Set' drop-down menu. Select "Loupedeck Default" as your shortcut set.

Remarque : If the shortcut file cannot be found, then you need to grant access rights (to your own macOS user profile) to be able to make changes to that folder - and re-install Loupedeck software after the permission have been granted. See instructions (Apple support).

Only for Capture One 21 or newer: You can use other shortcut files instead of "Loupedeck Default" - They might not cover all the functions needed and you will get a warning sign in the Loupedeck Software about incorrect shortcut file.


MacOS & Capture One 20 (or older)

Supported version numbers: 11, 12 & 13 (also known as Capture One 20)

Older versions can be used utilizing keyboard shortcut based custom actions and custom adjustments. For this, you need to:

  1. Download: Loupedeck_beta.plist
  2. Download one profile based on your Loupedeck device:
  3. Copy the keyboard shortcut file here:
    • /Users/"username"/Library/ApplicationSupport/Capture One/KeyboardShortcuts
  4. In Capture One:
    1. Open Edit menu
    2. Select Edit Keyboard Shortucts
    3. Open Set drop-down menu
    4. select Loupedeck_beta
  5. Import the Capture One Extended profile:
    • Open Loupedeck software
    • Open Profile drop-down-menu
    • Click on "Import profile" located at the bottom of the menu: Import "Capture One Extended" profile into your Loupedeck system.